Eunrichorn-Echo from a Unicorn

A Book to be Read


I am a book to be read
When the clouds turn to be red
If you are tired and feel sad
I'll be there next to your bed

Don’t let it down and feel bad
Fed or glad is not my trade
Don’t get it wrong or complicate
I’d rather make it away and fade

Don’t pretend that you understand
If you don’t know what to say
Don’t claim that you have faith
If you don’t know how to pray

Lightly chant and softly tread
A dream is not easy to be made
Dark night teds and gleam flames
I am not the prey for you to bay

Maybe on a sunny day
When the song is being sang
Bring your step on my sampan
I’ll ferry you till the sunset

I am a book to be read
If your heart is paid
When the seed is irrigated
My story will be no dread


Dec. 7, 2007


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